Sunday, October 28, 2012

First snow

The view from my balcony in the morning

The clocks changed during the night and I woke up to several inches of snow - winter arriving right on schedule. Too windy to fly, too cold to cycle, not enough snow to ski or snow shoe - so that left hiking. I had a lazy morning - enjoying my extra hour in bed - before going for a bracing hike in the Thorame valley in the afternoon. The wind and sun had dealt with much of the snow by then, but there was still plenty in shaded, sheltered spots. 

And, of course, I got back to my car just as it was getting dark…

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Early Fall in St Andre

Early fall is my favorite time of year in St Andre - after the busy summer, the locals are relaxed and happy. The days are still warm but it's clear that winter is just round the corner. The shepherds are bringing their sheep down from the peaks - I'm sure they are glad to be going home. The brown fields of summer have become green again and the trees are slowly changing color. 

The hiking is wonderful at this time of year. I've been away a lot, so today was my first long hike of the fall. It was a lovely tour in the Coyer / Corradour, visiting one peak but, after a steep initial climb, mostly level. A little overcast at the start, but mostly sunny in the afternoon. A long day, and I got back to the car just before dark, tired but happy. A few pics.